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There’s plenty of inspiration for indoor/outdoor living in the Summer 2016 issue of Su Casa Phoenix/Scottsdale. With friends and family visiting this summer, think about entertaining in a tricked-out outdoor kitchen. Our two beautiful feature homes include a Southwest contemporary that sits on the edge of the Tonto National Forest and a Gainey Ranch remodel that puts a Southwestern twist on traditional Midwestern design elements. Learn how to capture the views and keep out the heat with an energy-efficient window upgrade. Suppliers provide expert advice about the latest window trends—such as automated blinds! Can’t bear the thought of flying or driving this summer? Experience an affordable, stress-free staycation at one of the Valley’s world-class resorts and spas.

here comes the sun

We Phoenicians are generally heat tolerant and consider only July and August as the “hot” months. Despite the extremes in weather, life goes on, just like it does in Minnesota in the winter. Yes, one must take prudent precautions to adjust to the weather, but life certainly doesn’t have to stop. Our enjoyment of our homes simply takes on a different routine: appreciating the cool mornings outside, then hunkering down inside during the heat of the afternoon, and finally re-emerging to enjoy the lovely, starry nights.

The featured homes in this issue of Su Casa Phoenix/Scottsdale have all taken Arizona’s weather into consideration and are no less enjoyable in July than in January. Their swimming pools and splash pads; lounge, cooking, and entertaining areas; and outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year-round. In each home, the lovely local environment is invited in through many view-capturing windows. After all, one doesn’t have to sweat to enjoy the beauty of the summer desert.

Throughout this issue, you’ll see attractive and comfortable options to enjoy your home inside or out. Lounge chairs made for relaxing poolside or curling up with a good book indoors address basic comfort—and the singular pleasure of putting your feet up after a long day.

Beautiful, quality windows are another key to making the most of the summer. From behind a high-performance window, Arizona’s scenic views can become one of the most enjoyable features of your home. After all, you wouldn’t want your romantic stunning sunset view blemished by a window that didn’t deliver the clearest view possible. Add the insulation value and protection from the sun, and a quality window delivers much more than pretty scenery.

The bottom line is that our homes here are just as livable in the summer as the winter. We might be enjoying them more from the inside than outside for a couple of months, but the blue skies, mountains, desert foliage, wildlife, and sense of place make the Valley one of the greatest places to live, regardless of the season.

Bruce Adams, Publisher