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The first impression and appeal of a home begins long before stepping through the front door; it begins as we walk up to a house and note how the foliage flows and enhances the architecture. As real estate agents often say, curb appeal is everything, which is why landscaping and entrance areas truly influence first impressions. They also set the stage for what is coming inside and begin to define our personalities and lifestyle.

We are lucky to live in a climate such as this where we can enjoy our outdoor living spaces nearly year-round. It’s almost unheard-of to not take advantage of outdoor living opportunities in El Paso and Las Cruces. I often encourage you to make your home an extension of who you are—your interests, personality, and lifestyle. This can be especially true of outdoor living spaces, where we have the ability to include elements that would be less appropriate indoors, such as a putting green or a large fountain. Outdoor kitchens allow for a variety of cooking options not so easily enjoyed indoors, such as grilling and smoking. That space behind the house is not just a backyard; it’s a canvas that offers a chance to create a completely unique additional living area, possibly surrounded by fresh foliage, flowers, and trees.

Throughout this issue of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, you’ll be treated to many ideas on how your outdoor spaces can be geared toward your lifestyle. I’m reminded of the French impressionist artist Claude Monet, who designed and grew his garden so that he could then paint the beautifully created scene. We are just as lucky. In this issue you’ll learn about flowers that thrive in the heat and use less water.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit water-deprived here in the desert, consider a small water feature, which would cut out unwanted street or background noise and replace it with the soothing, musical sounds of trickling water.

As you’re sipping one of the summer wines recommended by James Selby in this issue and paging through your copy of Su Casa, remember that any one of the ideas featured here could be in your backyard. Without adding on a single square foot of space, your home could expand in usefulness and beauty. The ideas begin here.Have a wonderful, colorful summer.

Bruce Adams, Publisher