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In this column, I’m often urging you to think out of the box and create a home that is appropriate to your personality and lifestyle. Recently, I was pleasantly reminded that most of our homes are part of neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods have a huge impact on our life and lifestyle. It can be urban or rural or suburban, and each offers positive, unique experiences.  

While this sense of neighborhood is very strong in big cities where we reside among thousands of neighbors, it still applies to the more suburban life of El Paso and Las Cruces. And, certainly the neighborhood activity is far different in various parts of our communities. As many of you know, Downtown El Paso has enjoyed a terrific rejuvenation, making it a most desirable place to live and play. In my own neighborhood, I love that I have easy access to a major bike trail, so I can always enjoy one of my favorite types of recreation. It’s something I truly enjoy about where I live, and I’m proud to be a part of that neighborhood.

As you view the beautiful homes in these pages of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, keep in mind that each exists within a community and a neighborhood with unique characteristics. Within each landscape there are people, animals (domestic and otherwise), and personalities that define each neighborhood.  

My point here is to not enjoy your beautiful home, but to celebrate your community, neighbors, and surroundings, all of which play a huge role in appreciating where we live.

Bruce Adams, Publisher