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If you’ve ever doubted that a garden can grow lushly here in the barren Southwest, our cover image is proof that it’s possible. Granted, this spectacular oasis took expertise, planning, and careful site selection, but it’s clear that landscape gardens can be done and done well.

This ability to create verdancy in a land of dryness is a metaphor for what we can do with our homes. Technology and good thinking allow for most any need to be met, regardless of where we live, especially in Las Cruces and El Paso.

Anything these days can be made to adapt to the realities of our environment. In the pages of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, we’ve often shown incredible homes that bring qualities from big cities East and West that we wouldn’t normally think of as appropriate for this region. Yet, with the right planning and execution, they can work beautifully. For those who appreciate contemporary design and artwork, it’s incredible how well this genre fits in with the Spanish and adobe-style homes of our region. Contemporary can fit in here just as well as, if not better than, a Soho loft or trendy Los Angeles penthouse.

While England, New York, and other humid places are known for their roses, I am here to tell you that I have abundant roses in my yard that actually seem to thrive under these difficult conditions. Our story on roses and information about the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden should be inspiration to add these colorful and relatively easy to grow flowers to your garden.

The point is that our homes are not completely bound by the characteristics of our region. While bending those boundaries might take some work and might even require some outside expertise, it can be done and done well. It’s yet another reminder that our homes and gardens can be anything we want them to be. Even lush.

Bruce Adams, Publisher