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Make the most of the season with the exciting new Winter 2017 edition of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico! Discover two stunning feature homes that highlight the style and charm of the cultural Southwest, each infused with the distinct character and personalities of the families that live in them. From a newly built Pueblo-style home, to a remodeled ranch-style hacienda, both homes represent everything there is to love about Southwestern living. See how a local pro golfer designed his entertainment-ready outdoor living area with the help of a skilled landscape designer, and get some inspiration for an all-new kitchen with colorful backsplashes and emerging trends in chic kitchen design. Gather some ideas for incorporating bold style into your interiors with Moll Anderson’s tips on using color and information from local artisans on decorative wall finishes. Finish off this edition by reading up on an El Paso family’s traditional Mexican recipes, and toast to a new year with festive sparkling wine cocktails.

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dream big

It is the season of new beginnings. Statistics tell us that this is the time individuals begin considering a new home. Maybe it’s the realization of needs that became apparent during the holidays just passed, or possibly the desire to invigorate spaces during the darker winter months. Although many get satisfaction by purchasing a new home in the late winter/early spring season, you might consider making changes to your existing home. Throughout this issue, there are many ideas that can easily and affordably allow you to give your home a new look or a new functionality.

Right now, the idea of renovating may be fresh in your mind. Have you perhaps taken on a new project or hobby that requires some reconfiguration of your spaces? It might be as simple as wanting to look at something different after years of the same motifs and colors. Whether the scope is large or small, right now is the perfect time to begin thinking about how your home fits your current lifestyle and investigating how the excellent builders and designers in El Paso and Las Cruces might create the vision you hold most dear. The pages of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico are meant to inspire you and give you an idea of what others have done to realize their dream homes.

You’ll be happy to know that sometimes, all a home needs is a splash of new paint color. As Moll Anderson discusses, the addition of color can have a dramatic affect on how we enjoy a room. Other ideas in this issue suggest that existing cabinets can often be refinished to easily freshen up the look of a bathroom or kitchen.

It all starts with identifying a need or desire for your home. To me, this is the fun part as we allow “creative ideas” to soar into “dreaming big.” That’s my message. Dream big, but be forewarned: Those big dreams might become wonderful realities before you know it. Do make 2017 a year when your dreams come true.

Bruce Adams, Publisher