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When it comes to home design, El Paso and Southern New Mexico will never be accused of being boring. In this column, I am usually encouraging you to create the house of your dreams, knowing that our builder community is more than capable of helping you achieve that goal. Given that our tastes and desires are as different as we ourselves, we live in homes that run the gamut from traditional to ultra-contemporary—and we’ve learned that a blending of new and old often makes for the most interesting homes of all. In this issue we’re going to explore those possibilities.

In one of our features we visit a warm, livable, and impeccably constructed home in Las Cruces that is a tribute to Spanish architecture with Southwestern and even global influences. I am especially appreciative of homeowners who savor the traditions of our region (and others) and want to integrate them into their lives.

Our other feature is a very contemporary home with sharp corners and sleek finishes. These homeowners love what our region is about but also want a lifestyle that is reflective of the era in which they live. Pulling the local scenery into their home through huge windows is their way of paying respect to this place. This connection to the land, the mountains, and the plant life reinforces the sense of place that is uniquely El Paso.

While these two homes are at opposite ends of the spectrum, most of us have tastes that include both the traditional and the contemporary—the styles are not mutually exclusive. For example, the midcentury modern look, rooted in the late ’40s and ’50s, is very popular today. It speaks to another era, yet fits beautifully in many home styles.

In every issue of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, we aim to show you a multitude of design possibilities, all of which blend very nicely with the El Paso and Southern New Mexico lifestyle. Our goal is to give you a taste of those options through stunning examples, and hopefully motivate you to create a home that’s as beautiful as you dream your life to be. Live well and be beautiful.

Bruce Adams, Publisher