from blog to book

Well-known bloggers take their home décor advice to print

Six years ago, four editors—Julie Carlson, Francesca Connolly, Sarah Lonsdale, and Christine Chang Hanway—created the blog It has served as a clever digital guide to the home design process for both novice homeowners and professionals looking to remodel.

“Our thinking went like this: Why go looking for the perfect faucet or sofa or front hall mirror if your style-savvy neighbor has already found the one?” says Carlson. “Remodelista is that neighbor, with that information you’ll need cataloged and documented.” The blog team keeps a constant eye on the ever-changing world of design while researching all major and minor purchases necessary for homes throughout the world, to make remodeling plans easier for any reader.

The editors came together in 2013 to collaborate on the ultimate guide to remodeling, a book that serves as a companion to their increasingly popular blog. Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home, says Carlson, “is a start-to-finish guide to creating your own domestic sanctuary, whether you’re contemplating a complete overhaul, updating a corner of your living room, browsing for easy affordable upgrades, or simply looking for a design fix.” In her foreword, actress Julianne Moore describes the Remodelista blog as a “beautifully designed and curated collection of images, sources, and information about decoration and remodeling.” The Remodelista companion book is that as well, filled with information such as a user’s guide to great kitchens and bathrooms, design ideas, and remodeling reality.

Advising the reader on where they can purchase items that appear in the book and listing an enormous amount of resources is another dose of helpfulness. It’s clear the editors prefer personal style over perfection, and the reader will find that there are really no rules to remodeling. Instead, Remodelista offers advice that can be molded to fit one’s individual style and needn’t be expensive or involve outside experts. “It’s all about training your eye and finding what’s right for you,” says Carlson.

The Remodelista team hopes its book will serve as a starting point for inspiring readers to apply can-do spirit to whichever room they wish to remodel. So look around, find what needs improvement, and get to it! — by Julieta Rios