moving into a new home?
wanting to redefine your style?

Over 270 pages divided into 10 chapters cover everything from defining your style with expert terminology to how to copy or re-create a look and the pros and cons of different styles and structures. Written by the editors of Domino magazine, Domino is laid out in an easy-to-digest magazine style, but in a longer format.

Each chapter is broken into four main sections: an example of what the editors love, a handbook/how-to, style statements, and style school. The “Art” chapter, for example, begins with snapshots of art in different rooms and various styles of hanging art, followed by ideas to consider and where to find unique pieces. A brief blurb about mats and frames rounds out the discussion. Style statements serve as a visual dictionary, with snapshots of art placed in context, followed by exactly how to accomplish the look in your own home. Lastly, style school covers the down and dirty how-to, including visualizing, curating, arranging, and hanging art, followed by topics specific to the theme: big art, color theory, placement (if not on the walls), and finally, other options for art and how it lives in a space, with a funky side note on mirrors as art.

Other chapters tackle subjects such as seating, walls, flooring, shelving/vignettes, and lighting. Decorating with ‘soft stuff’ (plants, flowers, and textiles) is covered, and finally the book ends with a chapter on entertaining. There’s also a shopping resource to help spark your planning. Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home is a balance of whimsy and realistic options for new decorators figuring out their style and those wanting to redefine their style—with additional great options for renters. It is truly a nuts and bolts compendium of decorating that offers solid, wide-sweeping advice, clear explanations as to why certain elements work together—or don’t, and lots of how-tos to help you define and express your own specific decorating style.—Amanda Jackson