read Autumn 2016

Summer is here in all its glory, and with it the Summer 2017 issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico. With some of the most incredible weather anywhere, this is the season when New Mexicans make the most of outdoor living. On the cover is one of two outdoor living spaces we know will inspire you. Check out four kitchen remodels we love in this issue, along with a roundup of fun retro appliances and décor for your modern kitchen. In Albuquerque, we visit a lovely Northeast Heights residence with Spanish and California influences, and in Santa Fe, an architecturally forward modern industrial residence in a great artsy neighborhood. Look inside for lively stories on everything from hardscaping and paving trends to dinner + movie joints for a great date night. Even our regular contributors Steve Thomas, James Selby, and Moll Anderson are in the outdoor spirit, with columns on outdoor cooking, summer wines, and alfresco dining. This issue is packed with inspiration, resources, and gorgeous color photographs. Enjoy!

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read Autumn 2016

take it outside

The sweet fragrance of the desert rain is so distinctively New Mexico. It pulls me outside to inhale deeply and relish the beauty of the landscape. In contrast to the day’s heat, the cool evening air is an added draw. Outdoor living in Northern New Mexico is so special. While today’s homes are being designed to bring the outdoors in, the concept is far from new. Even in the oldest adobe homes, access to outdoor living was integral to their design and construction. 
In this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, we see several amazing interpretations of outdoor living, New Mexico style. There’s a lot to consider, from outdoor kitchens and alfresco dining settings to the outdoor furniture and flooring upon which all this fun will occur. With our outdoor spaces, we homeowners have the chance to create spaces that may be completely different in style than our interiors, yet still reflect our temperaments.

For many, summer is a time of nostalgia. We can incorporate elements into our home and outdoor spaces that speak to another era—possibly from our own lives. Very popular these days are the midcentury and retro looks; be sure to check out our roundup of fun ’50s kitchenware, décor, and household goods. 

Summer is also an excellent time to remodel your kitchen. During the [hopefully brief!] time that your kitchen is out of commission during this process, you can still dine well and in style on your patio, leaving the dust and construction inside while you’re celebrating outside. When the renovation is finished, you’ll be all set for the cooler months when much of your life centers around the kitchen. I found it interesting that all four of the “Kitchens We Love” are makeovers, updated and remodeled for modern use by their owners, but also stunningly beautiful.

Recently we did a story on man caves. In the spirit of equality, this issue includes ideas on the relatively new phenomenon knows as the “she shed.” While possibly more utilitarian than man caves, these attractive alternate spaces give the ladies a place to escape or pursue their own hobbies and projects. 

Outdoor living areas, kitchens, she sheds—we get to create unique spaces to satisfy ourselves and no one else. Our homes are clean canvases that enable us to convey our personalities in a manner specific to our greater happiness. In the end, this is precisely what our homes should be.

Have a wonderful summer.

Bruce Adams, Publisher