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embrace the outdoors

Now that winter has finally unfolded into spring, I no longer feel like a caged animal, desperate to be outdoors. Granted, this past winter in New Mexico was certainly mild, but it only made me more anxious to be out in nature and to bring nature into my home. For me, the beauty of the outdoors is one of the most compelling reasons to live in New Mexico. It’s an extraordinarily lovely place with clean, crisp air, and offers every reason to embrace and live with the outdoors.

Clever designers and builders realize that this connection with nature is important to home design, and in this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, several of the houses you’ll read about incorporate the outdoors.

Window walls, those folding or recessing glass panel doors that run the entire length and height of a room, allow entire walls to open up to fresh air and usually a patio. In the winter, the panels seal tight, yet still enable nature to be enjoyed from the warmth of the home.

This embrace of the outdoors is now seen in many new homes. When you’ve got the nature, why not take advantage of it? For example, our cover story on the beautiful home designed by noted architect Jon Anderson as his personal residence, has several elements that capture and respect nature. Most notable to me was design of the house so as not to disturb the huge Austrian pine that has stood on the property for 100 years. I’m delighted when any new build can be performed without disturbing trees.

Our other featured home achieves an embrace of nature by placing the home smack in the magnificence of National Forest land. This home was also designed and built to soak up the natural beauty even when its owners are not outdoors. Check out the great room windows!

The bottom line is that there are so many ways to bring nature into your home and incorporate New Mexico’s precious beauty into your life. I’m guessing that it’s probably why you live here (or want to live here!) in the first place. If you can’t find a way to incorporate nature in your home, then simply step outside and inhale deeply.

Spring is in the air. You can smell it, and it’s ready to be savored. Soak it up.

Bruce Adams, Publisher