read Autumn 2016

Fall is “the” happening season in Northern New Mexico! The Fall Homes of Enchantment Parade is one of Albuquerque’s time-honored traditions, and this year’s Fall Parade boasts 38 new and remodeled homes that will be open to tour October 13–15 and 20–22. Grab your copy of Su Casa Northern New Mexico and check out the dedicated Parade section, with descriptions, directions, and maps to each participating home. Our two gorgeous feature homes are prior Parade winners. In the Autumn 2017 issue, we explore how to make your lighting truly work for you; classic and up-and-coming wall finishes; and on-trend geometric furniture and décor. Columnists Steve Thomas and Moll Anderson share their tips on downsizing and closet design, respectively, and Chef Johnny Vee samples the delicious flavors and spices at Jambo Café, a beloved Santa Fe eatery that recently opened in Albuquerque. All this and much more, in the Autumn 2017 issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico!

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read Autumn 2016

living right

As homeowners, we work hard for the privilege of opening the front door of a home that we can call our own. For the time, effort, and resources we put into our home, we are entitled to one that is right for our family and our lifestyle. If you glean nothing else from Su Casa Northern New Mexico, I hope you will discover those elements in your home that bring you joy, satisfaction, and pride of ownership.

In this issue you’ll be shown lots of options for building or remodeling your own home, including the 38 houses that will be appearing in October on the Homes of Enchantment Parade. The variety of the entries in this fall’s event is amazing; the builders have really outdone themselves this time.

The homes we feature in Su Casa run the gamut of styles, décor, and settings, but what they tend to have in common is a trusting, collaborative connection between homeowner and builder, as together they strive to achieve the ultimate in satisfaction with each project. Over the years, I’ve witnessed some amazing and creative solutions builders have devised for their clients in order to give them exactly what they want. Personally, I think they love the challenge! 

Beyond the layout and the architecture, it’s the details that really make a home just right for you and your lifestyle. In this issue we look at lighting, which takes care of functional and practical needs even as it creates a mood and a feeling within a room. I love the term task lighting, as it reminds us that the various tasks in our lives often demand specific illumination.

If you’re reading this issue of Su Casa and planning your route on the Parade of Homes, I encourage you to visit as many of these incredible houses as possible. You will see how homeowners arranged for their home to be just right for them. It’s almost guaranteed you will see at least one interesting solution that could be applied to your new home build or remodel. It’s also very possible you’ll see solutions to lifestyle challenges you didn’t realize you had.

And wouldn’t that be something?

Bruce Adams, Publisher