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read Autumn 2016

your home, reimagined

One of the main reasons Su Casa Northern New Mexico magazine exists is to motivate and inspire. We have done our job when a reader decides to either build or remodel in order to create a home that best fits their needs, design preferences, and lifestyle. It’s true that many of the projects we present in this exercise in fantasy fulfillment are not inexpensive, but that’s what high quality and professional expertise deliver. We can’t all afford every idea presented, but often we can find—and fund—a great project from these pages.  

Among many other topics featured, this issue of Su Casa provides solutions to improving our homes and finding ways to pay for it. One of the most helpful articles ever in this magazine is the fascinating story about financing and loan options specifically for remodels and renovations. You might be surprised at how very attainable your remodeling dreams can be.

Also within these pages is a fascinating selection of different types of space renovations, all done here in New Mexico. Because we are looking at several different projects, you’ll appreciate how each individual homeowner had their particular desires satisfied and how their renovations dramatically improved the enjoyment of their homes. You might even understand your own home’s potential better by seeing how each of these remodels were created and influenced from the original design.

Lastly, we delve deep into two magnificent homes that underwent comprehensive renovations both inside and out. In one case, the home was basically brought down to the foundation and re-built. While this may seem a bit drastic, sometimes it’s more feasible than buying and building an entirely new home in a less desirable location.

New to this issue is our Su Casa Spotlight series, where we present a more focused look at some of the firms that can bring magic to your home. Projects work best when the relationship with your professional is open and honest. Spotlights offer you a more in-depth look at each company’s style and personality so that you can determine the best fit for you and your home.

Creating your happy home is an artistic and creative process. It’s a new year, and you may find you are considering and rethinking your home. Throughout it all, have fun. This issue is a great place to start that process, so dream big and be smart. 2018 could be the year you make your home even better.

Bruce Adams, Publisher