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the view is everything

Every architect and design builder knows their most important task is capturing the best views through optimal siting. We, as homeowners, want to see as much beauty as possible when we look out our windows. A major factor in the selection of my home was the view toward the ski area from the master bedroom. As a devoted skier, with my head still on my pillow, I love to look up and get a read on any new snow or weather. That view is priceless to me.

We have views from our homes, and also within our homes. In our feature on kitchens, attention was paid to the view one enjoys from within the kitchen as well as from the kitchen seating areas. When cooking, home chefs would much rather face their guests instead of a wall. A vantage toward a television or window might also be a factor. As our cover suggests, a well-captured view can create an entirely different dining experience.

As we arrange our new homes or re-arrange our existing homes, we might very well consider placement of artwork at places in the home where the eye travels. I have a figurative painting that fits beautifully at the end of a hall. Visually it draws the viewer toward it and through the hall space, but in this particular case, the oddness of the artwork makes it more appropriate for a less public area of my home—yet I still enjoy viewing it daily.

The featured homes in this issue paid great attention to the views and how each room relates with the outdoors. Our outdoor living feature is a home that abuts a lovely hillside with a trickling waterfall—a seamless integration of architecture with nature.

The bottom line is that our eyes and our souls crave satisfaction by enjoying visually pleasing elements within our homes as well as outside of our homes. This issue is a reminder and inspiration to us to consider sightlines. Is your home capturing the most visually pleasing possibilities? As we say at Su Casa, your home is your life; make it beautiful.

Bruce Adams, Publisher