read Autumn 2016

As buds turn to blossoms on trees and temperatures rise to short-sleeve comfort levels, homeowners in Northern New Mexico start thinking about transformations. The Spring 2017 issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico celebrates gardens and bathrooms, and of course, the true rite of spring: Albuquerque’s Homes of Enchantment Parade, for which Su Casa is the official magazine. Look inside for lively stories on everything from community gardens and chic garden décor to freestanding tubs and stunning bathrooms both new and remodeled. Our two feature homes include a warmly colorful Pueblo-style residence in Placitas and a methodically designed, award-winning, transitional modern home in the East Mountains. Regular columnists Steve Thomas, James Selby, and Tom Smylie check in on their favorite topics. Look for our “colorful” Q+A with designer Moll Anderson about life, love, and her newest book, which we review in Su Libro. This issue is big and packed with inspiration, resources, and Parade information. Enjoy!

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read Autumn 2016

the art of the home

Welcome to spring! In this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico we are reminded that our home can be an ongoing art exhibition where we serve as the curator. When you consider that, like a painting or a sculpture, our homes have texture, color, and shape—both inside and out—they are like pieces of art. The structure of the home, the walls, and exteriors are but a beginning point. In this issue we look at several ways in which the artistic influences in your home work together to create a finished piece of art.

This issue is of course also the one where we bring you all of the details about the Spring Homes of Enchantment Parade in Albuquerque. There are 39 newly built and remodeled homes on the Parade this year, and Su Casa is the Parade’s official magazine, with images and descriptors of each home and a handy pullout map to guide you to each one. Throughout the Parade, you will see gorgeous homes that appeal to the varying tastes and preferences of us would-be homeowners. Some are traditional, some contemporary, but each is a work of art with a strong sense of design and functionality—terms, I should add, that are not mutually exclusive!

Many of the homes in the Parade are direct collaborations between a homeowner, a builder, and often an architect. Like any creative project, the personalities, skills, and passions of each participant come together to create the final stunning residence. During the Parade you’ll get to meet many talented builders and designers, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll soon be working collaboratively on a masterpiece of your own.

Once complete, the real fun begins. You become the artist, curating your home inside and out. Almost everything in the home has the opportunity to be a piece of art. Our story on bathtubs is a clear example of a practical item also serving as a beautiful sculptural art form. Our story on chic garden décor is a roundup of fun outdoor elements that add design, flair, and color to your yard.

Like any artistic effort, there are few, if any, rules; we are limited only by our imaginations. Use the homes you see in the Parade as a starting point, and then let your creativity fly.

Bruce Adams, Publisher